Get The Tech Outta Bed

Your New Routine For a Better Night’s Sleep

Technology provides us with amazing opportunities and conveniences in our day-to-day lives. From face-timing with the grandparents in Florida to boxes of fresh groceries delivered to our doors in time to make dinner. In the palm of our hands we hold the power to learn, discover, create, and most importantly, share and feel experiences within seconds.

But it comes at a cost.

Living in an “always-on” culture, we’re constantly bombarded by interruptions from new emails, text messages, and social media comments. This is the reality for us as adults, and it’s becoming more of a problem earlier on for our youth.

The True Cost of Technology

Simply having your phone on the table and not being able to respond when it rings, beeps, or vibrates with a notification can cause anxiety. These constant interruptions trigger high levels of the 'stress hormone' cortisol. Too much of this hormone can leave you feeling anxious, with an increased heart rate, tense muscles, and clammy palms. (If you’re reading this article on your phone or tablet right now, chances are at least several notifications will pop up before you finish reading.) And that’s just during our waking hours.

That’s why we came up with a simple 5-step nightly routine to help you ditch tech and get sleep better tonight. Before we jump into the 5 steps, here’s a look at how technology affects sleep, particularly in youth.

“A study of children ages 4 to 11 found that increased screen time was associated with increased sleep anxiety, increased night waking, and increased total sleep disturbance.” Source

“Lack of sleep in adolescents has been associated with lack of productivity, depression, lack of energy, and poor school performance.” Source

If this is how our youth is growing up, what will their adult life look like? Think about the times you’ve witnessed technology interfering in day-to-day life.

Maybe you’ve seen a couple out on a date. They sit across from each other at the table, each with their cell phone in hand, responding to texts from others, or scrolling through Instagram. They’re “together” but couldn’t be more disconnected.

Or a group of teens “hanging out,” selfies and memes galore. They’re more tuned into their phones and the online world than what’s going on around them.

How about in your own life? When you sit down for dinner, does everybody automatically pull out their phones? Maybe you’ve tried to implement a “no phones at the table” rule only to hear moans and groans as if being fully present with the ones you love is some kind of awful punishment. Perhaps you eat dinner in front of the TV, or you watch your favorite show on Netflix to wind down before bed.

Now, imagine instead…

True Connection & the Best Sleep of Your Life

Imagine sitting down to dinner with your partner or kids after a long day, engaging in meaningful conversation about the highlights of your day, or planning the details of an upcoming vacation. Being fully present, and not feeling like everyone’s attention is divided between the real world and the internet...

Getting into bed feeling like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, fully ready to disconnect so you can reconnect again tomorrow. Feeling like YOU are in control, and life’s not just slipping you by, day after day...

If you’ve been considering reducing your screen time (or getting the kids to reduce theirs) so you can feel more connected and truly be present in the moment, we’re here to help. There’s one simple way we can dramatically improve our sleep quality, yet it proves to be a major challenge for most of us: avoid the TV, computer, and cellphone 1 hour before bed.

A simple trick to help you with this is to enable the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your phone for the 8 hours you plan on sleeping. If you don’t hear notifications come in, you’ll be less likely to pick up your phone and disrupt your sleep pattern.

So, now you might be wondering, “Ok, what do I do with myself for an hour before bed if I ditch the tech?”...

Your New Nightly Routine Without Tech

Step 1: Take a warm bubble bath or shower. Doing this will briefly raise your temperature and then quickly lower it once you get out, which will help you sleep faster.

Step 2: Create a sleep haven. Set the tone in your bedroom with soft lighting, turn on your essential oil diffuser, or set up whatever makes YOU feel relaxed and ready to unwind.

Step 3: Unload your mind. By journaling or writing a to-do list before you go to sleep, you’ll be less likely to stay awake worrying or stressing.

Step 4: Read a chapter or two of a book. Reading helps put your consciousness on another plane, which helps induce sleep.

Step 5: Listen to a guided meditation (if you play it on your phone, make sure the “Do Not Disturb” feature is enabled). Try some simple breathing exercises, or play relaxing music.

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By establishing a routine and doing the same activities every night, you train your body that it’s time for bed. It’s also important to make sure you have the right mattress.

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It all starts with you.