Fresh Mattress? Well, THAT'S a new one

Yes, our mattresses are fresh. But what is that supposed to mean, exactly?

What does it mean to be fresh? Seriously – when we order something and expect it to be “fresh,” what exactly are we expecting? Maybe a good place to start would be with what we don’t expect it to be:

Dirty, smelly, soggy, stale, moldy, unwanted, unloved... 

We could go on and on and on, but that’s a safe place to start. It’s basically the exact opposite of anything you’d expect to see on a sticker attached to something from the bakery. And you've probably never thought of a mattress in this way, but just like baked goods, when it comes to mattresses… freshness definitely counts.


The dirty little secret in the mattress industry is how “not fresh” the average new mattress that comes rolled-up in a box is. In fact, it’s a pretty safe bet that the average mattress has a checkered past. Not quite “face tattoo” checkered, but checkered. Sure, their lives start innocently enough, mass-produced in some factory somewhere in China. Does that make them unlovable? No.

But, then again, sitting for weeks on end in a shipping container doesn't exactly help. And let’s be honest, how many people want a mattress that’s been hanging around in the kind of place where the final fight scene of a Liam Neeson movie takes place?

Nothing against Liam Neeson of course... And he does have a very particular set of skills. It’s just that none of them revolve around mattress freshness. But we will say this – after bludgeoning a few hundred Eastern European gangsters with bad intentions and rescuing his kidnapped daughter for the 57th time, you can bet Liam Neeson wants a fresh mattress to crash on. He’s earned it.

Okay, all kidding aside there are real facts behind what your mattress brings into the home. Because we unwrap this brand new delivery we assume that it is clean and safe, at least for a while. The reality is that many types of modern mattresses create an effect called "off-gassing" when unpackaged. Full of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) these packages deliver a mix of chemical compounds into your home environment.

As explained in a recent article on the topic, "These VOCs break down and form gasses, and when the gasses are released after you unbox the mattress, they create a chemical smell—also known as that “new mattress smell.” New mattress smell? Yikes! The new car sure...but mattress? We want NO smell when it comes to a new mattress! In addition to the smell, there are many effects, both short and long term that these VOCs can create for your family. The best way to protect your home is to ensure you are purchasing a certified organic product. 

This is when YouPlusSleep delivers our own version of a Liam Neeson rescue! Our mattresses are
CertiPUR-US approved foams are Low Emissions for indoor air quality, made without ozone depleters, made without PBDEs, made without mercury, lead or heavy metals, made without formaldehyde, and made without prohibited phthalates. 

The point is freshness matters. Remember... you, your friends, your family, your kids are going to actually be sleeping on this thing for a good handful of years. So rather than deal with the baggage of a mattress with a questionable past, why not get a YouPlusSleep mattress that’s made to order, built in the US, shipped right to you, fresh out the box?

If it sounds good to you, then we’re on the same page, because that’s what we’re committed to doing. We just want you to have the peace of mind that you’re sleeping on a fresh mattress. Oh, and not to mention, one of the most comfortable and supportive mattresses on the market.

If you’re also into double-sided construction, 9-layer comfort, 4-layer cooling gel memory foam, patented zone quilting, and a 100-night sleep trial, quit wasting your time reading this and check us out online.

Get ‘em while they’re, well... fresh! Actually, they’re always fresh. But you know what we mean...

Sleep is cool. And sleeping cool is even cooler. 

It starts with you.