Ditch Your Deadbeat Mattress

Your mattress can be your best asset!

Running a short-term home rental business is no easy job. Your place has to be spotless; you have to be punctual and provide a living space that guests will review favorably, or you’ll find yourself having to lower your asking price just to secure reservations.

But for everything you put into your property, for all your hard work and effort, have you ever stopped to think how little your mattress does to help your cause? Guests spend more of their time on it than any place in your property, and it just sits there. To most a mattress is just a mattress, but at You+ Sleep™, we also see an opportunity to increase your bottom line.

A YouPlusSleep mattress is not only one of the most comfortable mattresses available out there on the interwebs, it can now be a revenue-generating component of your operation. Because when you buy a YouPlusSleep mattress for your rental property, you can earn up to $100 every time one of your guests buys one of their own. Try getting that kind of contribution from your current mattress!

It’s pretty simple: buy a YouPlusSleep mattress and we’ll ship it to you along with some marketing materials to display on your nightstand. Your guests will get such a good night’s sleep, they won’t be able to resist buying one for themselves (they even get a 5% discount when they enter your promo code or custom link). And every time they do... you earn. This mattress can do more than pay for itself, it can MAKE you money.

Just think about this – how often do people get to test drive a mattress for a few nights before they buy it? Sure, your guests could buy one online and do the whole “100-night free trial” thing. But where are they going to store their current mattress in the meantime? Leaned up against a wall in the guest room? Or maybe clumsily dragged down the stairs into the basement, kicking and screaming, leaving a few well-placed scuff marks on the wall. And even then, they’re still sleeping on a new mattress they don’t know if they’re going to like – and if they don’t, they have to switch everything back and start all over.

No one has room for that nonsense. With YouPlusSleep, they’ll get a mattress they already know they love because they’ve spent a few nights on it, and you get to make some cash every time they do.

So next time you’re in your rental property, looking at your mattress sitting there, waiting for clean linens warm from the dryer, offering nothing in return, tell it that its days are numbered and get a mattress that gives something back. Free-rent is over. It’s You+ Sleep™ time.

Sleep is cool. And sleeping cool is even cooler.

It all starts with you.